DS V-LINE HYA Threads: A Revolutionary Innovation in Dermal Fillers


The HYA Thread technique significantly prevents fluid loss in the skin. Regular applications, especially for individuals over 30, result in a fuller, healthier, radiant, and vibrant complexion. Proven effective in combating signs of aging, this method has established its efficacy in 58 countries, continuously growing in popularity.

How to Choose a Skin Care Specialist


DS V-LINE skin health and beauty center is designed to meet individuals’ needs for skin health and aesthetic appearance. To offer high-standard services, certain critical points must be considered: 1. Expert Team 2. Modern and Safe Technologies 3. Hygiene and Cleanliness 4. Customized Services 5. Wide Range of Services at DS V-LINE 6. Consultation and […]

Revolutionize Your Skin Care with DS V-line’s Collagen Thread Treatment and TDN Technology


In the realm of aesthetic medicine, DS V-line’s collagen thread treatment, empowered by the cutting-edge TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology, stands out as a beacon of innovation. This groundbreaking approach not only addresses the visible signs of aging but also revitalizes the skin from within, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking to reclaim the youthful vibrancy of their skin.

3D Hyaluronic Serum: Deep Moisturizing with the Power of Hyaluronic Complex

hyaluronic serum

Discover the power of 3D Hyaluronic Complex with the 3D Hyaluronic Serum, a revolutionary product in skin care that incorporates three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, capable of penetrating multiple layers of the skin. This innovative formula ensures maximum moisturization, reaching even the deepest layers of your skin.

DNA MINTT MASK: A Global Innovation in Skincare

miracle barrier mask

Discover the revolutionary DNA MINTT MASK, the first facial mask with filler and Botox, tailored to your genetic makeup for youthful, smooth, and firm skin. Experience personalized skincare like never before.