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DS V-LINE is a leading academy of skin experts and beauty professionals worldwide, offering advanced techniques and highly active products for skin health, anti-aging care, and addressing skin problems. By prioritizing patient and client satisfaction on an international scale and adopting result-oriented, holistic approaches, we have become the preferred experts in the industry. Moreover, we pride ourselves on being a unique academy worldwide, offering modular training that enhances income opportunities for recognized and preferred experts in their region.

Who Can Become a DS V-LINE Expert?

  • Professionals with Certification
  • Experts Who Value Patient and Client Satisfaction
  • Specialists Wishing to Continue Their Career in the Skin Field

Unique Opportunities Offered by DS V-LINE:

  • Continuous Master Support: The opportunity to work with the support of an experienced Master.
  • Career Targeting and Advancement Trainings: The opportunity to set your career goals at Specialist, Expert, and Master levels and receive training accordingly.
  • Online Module Training Programs: Regularly planned trainings by our professional Masters to continuously develop your knowledge and skills.
  • Beauty Trends Training: Opportunities for advantageous participation by following the latest beauty trends.
  • Annual Goals, Strategy, and Planning: Achieving your goals with business planning.
  • Corporate Identity and Social Media Support: Creating a more visible social media and corporate identity with DS V-LINE support.
  • Marketing Support: Daily marketing support for social media sharing and content creation processes.
  • Custom Logo Design: Strengthening your professional identity with custom DS V-LINE logo designs for our experts and doctors.
  • Opportunity to Lead Trends: The chance to lead the latest trends in the industry.
  • International Fair Participation Opportunity: Participation in fairs conducted worldwide.
  • Title and Advancement Training: Training to elevate your career to a higher level.
  • The Opportunity to Become the Best Skin Expert: The chance to be among the world’s best skin experts.
  • Online Skin Analysis Support: Providing better service to your clients with our online skin analysis tools.
  • Masterclass Participation Right: The right to participate in the Masterclass held every year.
  • Revenue Increase Planning
  • Business Support and Income Enhancement Programs: Strategies to develop your business and ways to increase your income.
  • Advantageous Campaign Programs: Taking advantage of our special campaign programs.

DS V-LINE is an international skin expertise development academy with experts in over 50 countries, headquartered in South Korea, Germany, and Turkey. In 2020, following extensive clinical research in Germany, we took an innovative step in the skin health and beauty industry with the development of the original collagen thread protocol. Committed to continuous progress through customer satisfaction and the importance of education, DS V-LINE accurately identifies the needs of clients to provide permanent solutions and continues to lead the industry by offering the latest and most effective trend products.

Online Skin Expertise Training Programs Are Starting!

After joining us, DS V-LINE professional skin experts have successfully doubled their revenues with our center development strategies. Our special online SKIN EXPERTISE training programs for DS V-LINE Specialists/Experts are starting very soon! If you want to secure your place among the world’s best skin experts, now is the time.



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DS V-LINE, aims to raise the bar of skincare education worldwide and empower women to feel confident in their beauty.