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DS V-LINE is a company that has distributors in over 40 countries around the world, providing more than 20,000 specialists in total and applying the protocol to 100,000 people giving results!

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Edina Pomucz          

Emel Sizmaz           

Sabrina Belghaid      

Krasimir Semov        

Valentina Coscione    

Helle Magnussen       

Dr. Karima Djoumi     

Amela Jahić              

Dr. Karim Hegazy      

Petronela Jariabková  

Zuzana Remenikova     

Andrea Nunes            

Kitty Sueters             

Mehrafza Gholipouri

Dr.Ahmad Attia          

Abdelrahman Mahmoud

Milka Akimovski        

Dorentina Hajredini   

Rina Muhaxhiri          

Jörg Dunker             

Ayşen Poyraz Mergen

Çiğdem Bulut          

Distributor Hungary

Distributor Cyprus

Distributor Croatia

Distributor Bulgaria

Distributor Italy & Spain

Distributor Denmark

Distributor Sweden

Distributor Bosnia

Distributor Egypt

Distributor Czech & Slovakia

Distributor Czech & Slovakia

Distributor Switzerland & Brazil

Distributor Holland, Belgium & Luxemburg

Distributor Canada

Distributor UAE

Distributor Kuwait

Distributor Macedonia

Distributor Albania

Distributor Kosovo

Distributor Austria

Distributor İzmir, Turkiye

Distributor Ankara, Turkiye

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