13+1 Diverse Effects Combined: DS STRETCHMARKS Technique

stretch marks

Developed by DS V-LINE, the DS Stretch-Mark Training technique offers an innovative and
effective solution for skin stretch marks and damaged areas. This unique treatment method
supports the natural renewal process of the skin, targeting rapid and effective healing.

Technical Superiority and Versatile Impact

The DS Stretch-Mark Training technique intervenes deeply into the skin by creating
micro-channels. Through these channels, specially formulated regenerative, reparative, and
moisturizing serums and vitamins by DS V-LINE reach the deeper layers of the skin. This
process maximizes the nourishment and revitalization of the skin.

Clinically Approved Results

Clinical studies with DS V-LINE products have shown that this technique is effective on
approximately 30 individuals. The DS V-LINEFUSION technology delivers substances directly
beneath the skin, providing the necessary support for repair and renewal.
Benefits of the Technique

Repair of Stretch Marks: DS Stretch-Mark Training targets skin stretch marks,
significantly reducing their appearance. The deep treatment through micro-channels
promotes skin renewal.
Regional Slimming: This protocol reduces fat accumulations under the skin and
accelerates metabolism, contributing to regional slimming.
Strengthening the Skin Barrier: A robust skin barrier protects against external factors. DS
V-LINE strengthens the skin barrier, enhancing overall skin health.
Smooth Skin Appearance: The treatment smoothens the skin surface, especially
beneficial before applying makeup for a smoother complexion.
Increased Skin Elasticity: Elasticity is crucial for the skin to look young and healthy. DS
V-LINE enhances skin elasticity, offering a tighter and more flexible skin structure.
Improved Regional Circulation: Good blood circulation is essential for skin health. This
treatment boosts circulation, helping the skin look more vibrant and healthy.
Pain Relief: DS Stretch-Mark Training alleviates pain caused by tension and pressure in
the subcutaneous tissues.
Providing Relaxation: The treatment creates a relaxing effect on the skin, aiding in
overall relaxation for the user.
Burning Excess Fat: With accelerated metabolism, excess fats under the skin are burned
more effectively.
Skin Tightening and Enhanced Flexibility: The skin becomes tighter and more flexible,
contributing to a younger and more dynamic appearance.
Toxin Elimination: The treatment supports the skin’s detoxification, contributing to a
healthier skin structure.
Prevention and Reduction of Cellulite: DS V-LINE helps prevent the formation of cellulite
and reduces the appearance of existing cellulite.
Increasing Bone Density: Although not directly related to skin health, this treatment helps
increase bone density, contributing to overall body health.

These 13 benefits demonstrate how comprehensive and effective the DS Stretch-Mark Training
is. For those seeking extensive improvements in skin health and aesthetics, this protocol offers
an ideal solution.

Application Areas
The DS Stretch-Mark Training technique is designed to be effective in various body areas:
● Abdomen,
● Arms,
● Back ● Upper legs,
● Lower legs,
● Hips.

DS V-LINE provides a comprehensive and holistic solution with this unique stretch mark
technique, revitalizing the skin and lightening the appearance of stretch marks. For those
seeking lasting and effective results in skin health and aesthetics, DS Stretch-Mark Training is
an excellent choice.



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