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Become a Real Skincare Expert with Our Comprehensive Training Program

At DS V-LINE Academy, we offer top-notch training on how to apply the most in-demand procedures with our unique techniques in the most professional way. Our training does not follow trends, ensuring that the techniques you learn will always be in high demand. You will receive first-class training for the most sought-after services in the beauty industry.

Our academy offers a range of services, including wrinkle reduction, stain prevention, and solutions for other skin issues. Our techniques are used by over 60,000 experts worldwide, continuously ensuring patient and customer satisfaction. We also have our own research facilities in the medical and dermocosmetic fields, ensuring our training is always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.


First-Class Beauty Training to Help You Confidently Achieve Your Goals

Learn the most in-demand beauty services of the 21st century with Dilay Şahin and her team. Join hundreds of satisfied women worldwide who have achieved their beauty goals with our first-class beauty training. Do you want to become a professional beauty expert or receive comprehensive skincare training to help grow your business? Look no further! Our program includes everything you need to succeed step by step.

Our unique protocol is expertly designed to strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier and activate natural rejuvenation processes that result in deep skin renewal. Experience the pinnacle of beauty with our treatments – no pain, no scars, just instant, natural-looking results. You’ll love the visible improvement and firmer, brighter skin our protocol provides, giving you a long-lasting, youthful glow.

Don’t wait to experience the beauty and radiance you deserve. Discover more about our innovative DS V-LINE Collagen Thread Protocol and transform your skin by contacting us today!

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Our Training Programs

DS V-LINE offers lifelong, innovative, and comprehensive training for experts. Join us to become one of the most sought-after skincare experts. Here are some of the training programs we offer:

  • DS V-Line Collagen Thread Training
  • DS Meso Shine Training
  • Mintt Mask Training
  • DS MI-LINE Massage Training
  • DS V-LINE Fusion Training
  • DS Stretchmarks Training
  • DS V-LINE HYA Thread Training

Motivation is the key to success. With DS V-LINE, you can offer the world’s most preferred skin beauty and solutions in your country. You can also provide high-activity products in your training.

Our Community

The DS V-LINE Campus is a hub for those looking to pursue a career in aesthetics and beauty. We work to teach our students the most current and effective techniques. Everyone who trains at our campus not only becomes an expert but also becomes part of a global community. The DS V-LINE community consists of professionals committed to continuous learning and development.

Join the DS V-LINE family and take a new step in your career. With our training, you can start your own business, grow your existing business, or enhance your professional skills. Let’s walk the path to success together.



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