An important role in maintaining the moisture balance of the skin hyaluronic acid, which plays a role in the skin plump, creates a moist and youthful appearance. 

Increases skin elasticity.

Does swelling occur after the application?

Edema and swelling may occur after the procedure.

For this reason, it is recommended to use sauna or Turkish bath for 7 days.  

you should avoid areas with a lot of steam.


To whom can DS V-LINE HYA-THREAD be applied?

Because it is a non-invasive technique, not only doctors but also professional skin specialists can perform this procedure. However, this may vary from country to country.

 Success largely depends on the skill and aesthetic sensitivity of the physician or skin care specialist. Therefore, it is important to never neglect to achieve and ensure successful and long-term results. The techniques that can be applied are determined specific to the patient or client.

What Determines the Durability and Density of Hyaluronic Acid?

The durability and intensity of hyaluronic acid depends on the water retention properties of the 7 different types of fortified hyaluronic acid used. 


A professionally trained DS V-LINE HyaThread specialist determines how to act to achieve the desired and recommended results and plans his sessions accordingly.

          Ds Meso Shine new generation repairing care protocol

Its plays a protective role against the negative effects of the environment on the skin. By providing visible skin repair, it creates calmer and stress-free skin. By helping to increase skin’s firmness, it contributes to providing wrinkle and color tone equality.

              Regenerative component DS MESO SHINE

It enlivens the skin with a younger appearance as well as treats skin problems caused by certain reasons. By minimizing file lines and wrinkles in the long run, it supports the skin to look fuller and smoother.



              Reinforcement component DS MESO SHINE

It shows tissue healing properties by balancing the roughness, firmness, and moisture rate that the skin has lost


Ensures stress-free skin

Protects agaınst the negative effects of the environment

Ensures stress-free skin

Interferes with detention bruises

Protects against UV rays

Soothes acne and acne scars

Soothes acne and acne scars

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