Climb the Career Ladder in Aesthetics with DS V-Line!


If you are looking to stand out in the aesthetics and beauty industry and take your career to new
heights, DS V-Line Campus‘s unique training programs are just for you! If you wish to learn the
leading applications in the beauty sector, develop yourself, and become a sought-after expert,
you are in the right place. DS V-Line Campus offers top-tier training in areas such as wrinkle
reduction, spot prevention, and skin renewal.

Our Training Program

DS V-Line Campus is equipped with innovative and unique techniques adopted by more than
60,000 experts worldwide. Our Campus provides all the necessary knowledge and skills to
become a real expert in medical aesthetics and dermocosmetics with its comprehensive training
program. Our trainings are continuously updated according to the changing needs of the
industry over time and do not rely solely on current trends.

Training Contents:

  1. DS V-Line Collagen Thread Training: An intensive course on skin renewal and tightening
  2. DS Meso Shine Training: Mesotherapy applications to improve skin brightness and tone.
  3. Mintt Mask Training: Developing skincare routines with special mask applications.
  4. DS MI-LINE Massage Training: Enhancing skin elasticity and health with special
    massage techniques.
  5. DS V-LINEFUSION Training: Comprehensive skin renewal with innovative skincare
  6. DS STRETCHMARKS Training: Techniques to minimize the appearance of stretch
  7. DS V-LINE HYA THREAD Training: Skin rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid threads.

Our Training Philosophy

Our Campus enriches each training with real-world experiences, offering students not only
theoretical knowledge but also opportunities for practical application. The goal of DS V-Line
Campus is not just to make you a skincare specialist, but also to empower you to confidently
progress in the aesthetics and beauty industry and to open the doors to a successful career.

Why Us?

DS V-Line Campus aims to make you not only today’s but tomorrow’s beauty expert. With our
innovative training methods and continuously updated content, we provide all the tools
necessary to become a prominent and consistently preferred expert in the aesthetic sector. The
knowledge and skills you gain in our training will provide you with career opportunities that are
not only local but also global.

With DS V-Line Campus, you will have everything you need to establish yourself, specialize,
and ascend in your career in the aesthetics and beauty industry. Add value to your career with a
strong educational foundation, innovative techniques, and internationally recognized
certifications. Contact us today and make a new start in aesthetics!



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